We Deliver

Maiton creates value through assisting management with developing and implementing an AI strategy, implementing innovative AI strategies through projects, or providing companies senior business orientated data scientists and AI engineers.

AI Strategy

Our combination of a business and engineering background makes us the best possible partner to get you starting with data science and AI. Building data science departments and guiding management, has been at the core of our activities from early days on.

We are also a founding partner of the Business Analytics Institute. Together, we want to maximize the potential of data science for your company, en the greater good in general


Maiton is a one-stop-shop for AI-related projects. Given our focus on value creation, we take pride in making AI projects easy for managers.
Together we focus on creating business value and let our battle-tested environment deal with the technical aspects of data science.

Most clients even choose to have us run the models in the cloud, shortening the time-to-delivery while being assured that the model runs reliable and in a secure environment.


We can integrate a data scientist within your team — an exciting option to build AI-capabilities in-house. Our senior data scientist helps you also overlook many projects.

In this approach, we focus on knowledge-transfer next to project delivery. After all, we are very different from the recruiters. Our consultants are hand-picked and in high demand. The combination of senior business expertise and engineering skills we require of our consultants makes them a rare breed. And in this aspect, we do not compromise.

The consultant can also rely on a back-office focussed on knowledge transfer from the early days on. It is part of our DNA.