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From early days on, Maiton has always been promoting data science and AI for as well the general public as aspiring data scientists.


Introducing Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning and more, using Python Tools
Davy Cielen, Mohamed Ali, Arno Meysman
Published by Manning Publications

Introducing Data Science explains vital data science concepts and teaches you how to accomplish the fundamental tasks that occupy data scientists. You’ll explore data visualization, graph databases, the use of NoSQL, and the data science process. You’ll use the Python language and common Python libraries as you experience firsthand the challenges of dealing with data at scale. Discover how Python allows you to gain insights from data sets so big that they need to be stored on multiple machines, or from data moving so quickly that no single machine can handle it. This book gives you hands-on experience with the most popular Python data science libraries, Scikit-learn and StatsModels. After reading this book, you’ll have the solid foundation you need to start a career in data science.

HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS
Davy Cielen, Arno Meysman
Published by PacktPub

“HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS” allows a single person to build a full game. Using only basic knowledge of JavaScript and this book, you will end up publishing a 2D game for the entire world to enjoy. You will learn to set up a working environment and gather all the necessary tools and resources your game needs. Develop both a top-down and a side scroller game, integrate physics such as gravity, and deploy your game as an app or to your website.


Teaching is an integral part of our community efforts. After all, it is through education that we can bridge the gap between education and the real world. Over the years, we have held lecturing positions at the following schools.

IESEG School of Management
Lille, France

Maastricht School of Management
Maastricht, the Netherlands

Ecole Superieure de Commerce
Pau, France

Ecole Universitaire de Management
Bayonne, France

Mahan Business School
Tehran, the Islamic Republic of Iran

“Davy Cielen possesses a rare experience  of the inner  workings of data science and an uncanny ability to share his knowledge and insights with his students and colleagues. “

Dr Lee Schlenker — the Business Analytics Institute


It is a core part of our strategy to track down talented data entrepreneurs early on

Start It @ KBC
Hasselt, Belgium

Maiton has had an active role in mentoring start-ups from the early days of Start-It. In Start-it, we focus on guiding early-stage start-ups.

“Davy is our mentor for about a year now. He has proven to be one of the few people who can coach both our business and our technical profiles equally well, with attention to both personal and professional aspects. The value of his experience is priceless. We wouldn’t want to continue without him!”

Judith Ketelslegers — foresightee

Business Analytics Institute
Grenoble, France

Maiton has always had a special connection with the Business Analytics Institute. As a founding partner, we still hold a position within the institute. Through the institute, we focus on guiding individual data scientist.